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Allen Walls

Allen Walls

RYT 200

Allen has an impressive background in yoga, dance, fitness and meditation. He first began teaching dance in 1979, at the early age of 19, then 2 years late broke into the fitness world working at Body Design by Gilda. There, while teaching 2 high impact exercise classes a days, Allen began to understand the dynamics of body mechanics and the importance of posture and muscle alignment.


He took his first yoga class in 1994 to keep his flexibility and to stay strong in between dance job, and credits his 25-year yoga practice for his ability to still be dancing professionally after 40 years.


Allen began teaching yoga 15 years ago, integrating his knowledge of dance, stretch, meditation and body mechanics into his yoga classes. As well as incorporating his many years as a expert fitness instructor, professional dancer and Subtle Self meditation teacher. All this contributes to his ability to change his student’s bodies, and minds from the outside, as well as the inside.


He is also thrilled to be working along side his life long friends and studio owner, Karen Russell.

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